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some vids i make

2010-06-16 11:41:13 by miaposa

Well i make vids on other websights, so tell me if u like it :3v 9B8DA@DSi/


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2010-06-18 07:52:02

Cool enough, I like the pixel art. I didn't watch'em all, but I can see you put effort into it.

miaposa responds:

yea it's hard 2 make! XD and try 2 make it in t nintendo!, but im mostly in pencil art than electric art :3


2010-07-15 04:50:04

Mianosa, you can submit art and movies and other things to newgrounds too! :D

miaposa responds:

I know but I have no idea how to do them XDD all I know is trew the dsi lol fail XD


2010-07-20 20:05:30

XD hiiii

(Updated ) miaposa responds:

yo what up? :3


2010-08-07 15:41:54

:3 ello there mia...

miaposa responds:

hii~ <~---laite reply XD