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Entry #3


2010-12-01 18:45:52 by miaposa

yea im sorry i never am here its cuz 1 i get graunded alot and 2 i have no pacience 4 this XDDD


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2011-01-26 19:20:57

every 30-31 days i well give you cheats tell me fore wat game and wat system and i well choes 1 comment so Leave a comment!


2011-02-20 09:47:03

Understandable. We can't be on here all of the time. Just spend a little bit of time when you have the chance.


2011-03-09 19:06:21

Funny how you have no patience for this while being grounded. Usually house arrest = lot of free time =D


2011-07-23 13:31:44

same here...